Recently, Allyson Hannigan has become one of the hottest rumors. She adds the list of celebrities who endure perfect beauty from surgical treatment. Allyson Hannigan is an American actress who began her career through a film “my stepmother is an alien.” Later she became more popular for her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she gained critical claim when she appeared as Michelle in American Pie. From those films, she achieved some recognition from the Hollywood industry. One of them is in the Young Hollywood Award in 2000. At that time she was a really sweet and charming girl, but this year she will soon turn into 41 years old woman. Allyson Hannigan who was born in 1974, never has the look of most women in that age. At her recent drama, “How I Met Your Mother” viewers who have watched her fabulous face for 9 years and they still have the thought that the lead character seems to stay young and fresh. She remains a girl in 20s. it becomes the reason why the rumors of plastic surgery drop in her.

Her Fans Saied that She is Natural

Turning in the 40s, an actress should care more about her physical appearance. The sign of aging will start to appear, and they will become so real when her age keeps increasing. But, it seems Allyson Hannigan can stop the development of her wrinkles by such magical treatment. If we see her pictures closer, it seems that the rumors about Allyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery will soon become a fact because her look indicate unnaturalness. In addition, if we search on the internet about Hannigan before and after surgery picture, we will find out that she probably has done more than one plastic surgeries. Let’s just start from the most enviable facelift and Botox. These rumors sometimes turn into a debate. This not because her fans never receive that the actress is justifying in the unreasonable thing, but even people out of her fans are never sure that facelift can state that look. She has no appearance of a plastic doll of common facelifted the face, but she was totally young. However, people still believe that Hannigan regains her tight face after undergoing a facelift. Regarding her free wrinkled face, it’s obvious that Botox shoots have smuggled her facial skin, especially forehead and eye area. Botox won’t give the wrinkle line or sagging skin chance to grow in Allyson’s beautiful face.

American Pie is an Evidence of her original Breasts size.

The first intention of examining Hannigan before and after surgery pictures is for revealing the rumor of her facelift, but we can find the more interesting change in her comparative picture. They are nose and breast. Nose job has apparently thrown away the look of wider crooked nose as Hannigan before plastic surgery’s look. The procedure reduces the width of the nose, and it results in a well-shaped nose. Slimmer and more pinched. Let’s just focus on her nose in Hannigan after plastic surgery picture. Her nose is surely sharper. But, experts suggest us to be more careful when we look at her nose change. Hannigan who was born in the pinched nose may apply great makeup to endure that change, but plastic surgery is also possible. When some Allyson plastic surgeries leave us in huge doubt, Hannigan breast job seems to be the most certain surgery rumor she has. The comparison of her boobs is clearly shown through her character in American Pie and her recent appearance either in TV, movie or on the red carpet. A cut of American Pie scene showing her in bikini obviously reveal that her breast is not as big as now. Some people suggest that it’s possible that her breasts haven’t got her ideal size since she was very young then. Yet, some other people state that at that time she should have developed her breast well when she has already passed her teenage era. the most suitable answer is that Allyson did Plastic Surgery on her breasts. read more detailed information about her at evercoream.

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Vida Guera is a Cuban born American model and actress. Born in Havana, Cuba, 19 March 1974, Vida has dreamt of becoming a model since she was only 8. To fulfill her dream, she took part in fashion shows modeling swimwear. But, it could not make her popular. Her dream came true when she appeared in FHM magazine in 2002. Posing in sexy lingerie made Vida Guera attracted the eye of many men. The magazine even stated that numerous emails requested more photos of Vida Guera. She was soon called back by FHM and became “FHM’s model of the year.” Since then, she often appears in various men’ magazines, like DUB, Smooth, escape, etc. she also becomes the model in numerous music videos of popular singers. After magazine and music video, Vida tried to gain more popularity by appearing in Burger king endorsement. It’s not only her body bringing her into success, but her voice was also borrowed by the video game “Scarface: the world is yours.” it seemed that Vida’s popularity should have a break since the circulation of her nude pictures on the internet. However, Vida who was voted as one of FHM sexiest females and the sexiest butt was back to expose her sexiness by formally posing nude in Playboy magazine. In 2011 she was back to show her sexiness in fitness competition for bikini category. Again, her sexy figure plays the biggest role in her life.

Plastic Surgery Has beautified her butts and breasts

While men discuss allot about Vida Guerra’s sexy backside, then the women who feel that she is being too sexy are interested in the issue of Vida Guerra plastic surgery. It’s not a secret that Vida Guera has undergone plastic surgery to find perfection through surgical treatment. As the years go by, she becomes extremely hotter and sexier. However, comparing her previous appearance as a men’s magazine model, her current boobs seem to change into bigger size. She indeed had big and sexy breast in the past, but they are not as big as now.

Furthermore, the tightness and shape of her boons butt indicate some work done. The more surprising thing, that it’s not long before the rumor spreads out, her breasts were still in her original size. To see the difference, let’s just check Vida Guerra before and after surgery pictures. The current pictures that are seen as Vida Guerra plastic after surgery pictures show the sexier figure of Vida Guera. Posing in bikini, lingerie, or even nude her boobs will always be attracting men’s eyes. And the experts in this field cannot just ignore this issue. They suggest that her change is too suspicious since they change instantly compared with Vida Guera before plastic surgery. They even add that the subtle change isn’t only on her boobs, but also her butts and body. Her rounder and bigger butts are obviously unnatural. The surgery doesn’t only improve her boobs, but also her butts. To appear more perfect, it seems that she has reduced the fat on her body. The procedure is called by liposuction. Regarding the issue, the actress also implies her agreement. She agrees that plastic surgery has led her to be more admirable that give her a great chance to make more money.

Her Big Implants Were Lifted in 2013 to be Changed with The Smaller Ones

Besides bringing some benefits, Vida Guera also experiences some worst experiences related to her boobs surgery. It was not a small case when she suffered some back pain regularly. Moreover, she was reported to have difficulty in inhaling and exhaling. It can be the sign that she had too big implants. According to Vida Guerra, a few weeks before the surgery she felt like going to die. It was such regret for her, but aesthetically she should be happy that look more beautiful.   In 2013, she finally decided to change her breast implants. Now, her breasts turned to smaller size, but they still carry implants.

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