Suzanne Somer Never Admits It Even It’s Obvious

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It is always hard for an actress to save their popularity in Hollywood. Hollywood is such a competition stage for entertainers. Many of them do an unusual thing to save their existence. It’s plastic surgery, an unusual thing that becomes very common and popular among entertainers. Some are even trapped into plastic surgery trend. One of them is an American actress, Suzanne summer. She was a supermodel in 60s and started acting career in early 70s. During that time, she appeared in Playboy cover in nude pictorial twice. Suzanne was born in San Bruno, California on October 16, 1946. She gained popularity after her several roles in TV series. Besides, Suzanne is also gifted with great writing skill that leads her to earn much money from writing. Angles and The Naked Truth about Bioidentical Hormones are her bestselling book. After her success, she once experienced the worst thing dealing with her expensive health. She suffered from breast cancer, but it’s good luck that she could recover very well. After the breast cancer, Suzanne paid more attention to her look since she realized that her look, as well as her health, ┬áplays big role in her career. Unfortunately, Suzanne Somer has undergone plastic surgery to maintain her beauty.

What Has She Done to Her Face?

Dealing with her cancer, she indeed had a fortune with her, but she is not always that lucky. Her effort to maintain her beauty turns into a big mistake. She totally becomes an unrecognizable woman. As well as other actress did, Suzanne chooses Botox injection to look younger than her actual age that has been over a half decade. But, Botox seems to work excessively on her face that leads her to appear like a wax. After looking at Somer after plastic surgery’s look, the experts suggest that Suzanne Somer has too many shoots and it can be considered as quite a critical dose. It is possible that she thinks that she will appear 20-30 years under her real age if she received a high dose of Botox. If we take a look at Suzanne Somer before and after surgery picture, Somer plastic surgery has extremely transformed her into somebody else that is far for her figure. Botox is a great procedure to eliminate wrinkle lines, and it leaves a smooth and fresher facial look. No wonder people included Suzanne some addicted to Botox injection. In addition, looking at her closer, it seems that Suzanne also had a facelift. Her facial skin appeared very tight that it is hard to express. She became an expressionless person. When she appears on TV in a different look, a doctor from Miami stated that Suzanne was obviously like a patient who has just undergone facelift because her face remains swollen.

Are You Sure that She Never Goes under The Knife after Her Breasts Surgery?

After excessive Botox and facelift, the change of her facial part goes on her lips. Compared to Suzanne Somer before plastic surgery’s look, she after surgery look shows more plumping lips. They are very different in shape and size. Then people justify them as the surgeon’s creation. Some filler has been augmented to her lips. Overall, her new appearance makes some people conclude her plastic surgery has gone wrong. Being judged as the victim of wrong plastic surgery, Suzanne Somer never admits that she underwent plastic surgery. Even, her circulating pictures tell the significant changes, she still in her idea of having bad aging. The only surgery she admitted was breast surgery. After recovering well from cancer, she soon had uneven breast. It’s a really big punch for an actress who deals a lot with physical appearance and breast is one of the significant assets for them, but she had no desire in to put foreign object her body. The solution came up from a Japanese doctor who helps her to regrow her breasts. Now she gains what is called by a sexy and beautiful figure. But, the Suzzane Somer plastic surgery has swept most of her natural assets. Some people and even experts call her plastic surgery as awful plastic surgery.

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